Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your office hours?

Monday to Friday:   8.30a – 4.00p

What are the fees for your service?

Each Educator operates as an independent childcare worker, and provides care in an environment that is unique to the service they provide.  For this reason, each one of our Educators independently set their own fees.  Parents are required to discuss the cost of care directly with the Educator.

All fees are paid by direct debit each week.

What is the procedure if my Educator is unavailable?

When your Educator is unavailable and care is still required, please contact our office to arrange for an alternate Educator.  One of our coordinators will organise for another Educator to provide care for your children where possible.

What are the child ratios at your service?

An Educator may provide care for a maximum of four (4) children under school age, including their own children. In addition to the four (4) children, educators may provide care for three (3) children of school age (including their own children under the age of 13).

What is Child Care Subsidy?

The Child Care Subsidy is the main way the Government will assist families with their child care fees.
The amount of subsidy you receive will be determined by the activity test and your annual family income.

To help estimate the amount of support you may receive under the CCS system, visit the Payment and Service Finder page on the Centrelink website.  This can help you to find, estimate and compare payments and services you may be eligible for. Please note that this calculator will suggest all potential payments for you to explore further, based on the information you provide, not just CCS.