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Please phone our office to make an appointment if you wish to enrol.

You may be interested in the Quality in Family Day Care – parent video – or the Quality in Family Day Care – sector video –

Parent Involvementgroup reading

Parents are encouraged to visit, observe and interact with their children while they are  in care.  Mothers who are breastfeeding are encouraged to continue and to make arrangements with the Educator that suit the baby, mother and Educator.

Every family has something to offer that enriches the care of all children in family day care, and may participate by:

  • working in partnership with Educators in making curriculum decisions about their child’s learning and experiences
  • attending special activities organised for the children
  • liaising with the Service and its management, to assist in the operation of the service.

Below is a link to the current ‘Exclusions for Infectious Diseases’ information poster

Asthma Foundation Qld – Asthma Online

Asthma Online is the official supporter publication of Asthma Foundation Qld, and will provide new and up to date information for people with asthma and their caregivers.  To subscribe to this informative publication, Click Here.

Know Their Dates to VaccinateImage result for vaccinat

To provide the best protection, every vaccination should happen on its due date.  Download the free VacciDate app to get reminders and to keep an immunisation record for every child in your family.  Visit or call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) for more information.

Ready for Kindy?

The following links contain some great information about being kindy-ready, plus some useful resources.  Kindy Ready ; Kindy Resources

Information Management and Confidentiality

All personal information, provided to Family Day Care Gympie Region by the parent/guardian or Educator shall be treated as confidential, unless otherwise stated by that individual.  Disclosure of personal information by the Coordinator is permissible only where:

  1. prescribed by legislation
  2. the service establishes a disclosure procedure that informs the client of the practice at the time it collects the information
  3. the client is notified that it is the services’ practice to provide relevant information, in accordance with appropriate guidelines
  4. the service obtains the agreement of relevant individuals that information they have provided is to be forwarded to a third party

Parent Responsibilities

The custodial parent (including guardian or authorised person) is responsible for:

  1. Signing an agreement with your current educator which outlines the cost of care and any additional payments required.
  2. Recording the arrival and departure times of their child or children attending care, at the ACTUAL time of arrival and departure EACH day.  The times are to be recorded on the service’ timesheet/attendance record.
  3. Initialling absences.
  4. Ensuring a signature verification form is forwarded to the educator when anyone other than the enrolling parent/guardian initials and signs the timesheet.
  5. Payment of their portion of child care fees.
  6. Notifying your educator and Family Day Care office staff of any changes to your contact details or custody arrangements.
  7. Contacting your educator (prior to going to their home) if your child is unwell.  Please consider that your child’s educator and the other children in care may become ill if your child attends care when unwell.

Booked Hours

Your child’s educator will ask you to complete a booked hours form and an educator/parent agreement.  Your child care fees are charged at an hourly rate and based on the hours of care stated on the booked hours form.   If you wish to make changes to your booked hours of care, please give a much notice as possible and negotiate any changes with your educator.

Fees and Charges

Each educator operates as an independent childcare worker, and provides care in an environment that is unique to the service they provide.  For this reason, each one of our educators independently set their own fees.  Parents are required to discuss the cost of care directly with the educator.

Educators are entitled to cease care if fees are not paid on time, and further care will not be provided within the service until all outstanding fees have been paid.piggy bank

Families may be able to access Child Care Benefit (CCB) and/or Child Care Rebate (CCR) to reduce the cost of care.  To apply for Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate, parents are required to contact the Department of Human Services (DHS) on 136 150.